Hello World: A web presence

Hello World: A web presence

I finally have a web presence.

I bought a domain name a few years back and literally never used it for anything. I was able to repurchase it, thankfully.

I think, working in the world of computers, I felt that I would be expected to make something amazing as my personal site. Of course, the practical result of this thought process is that I ended up making nothing.

So now, I've created something, and set up lots of new technology on a cloud server that I'll hopefully be able to curate in some way or another. And I'll try to actually use it. Even if it is just a resume-site, even if I just post pictures of my breakfast and occasional (hopefully useful) snippets of code, I'll try to use these things instead of letting them go to waste.

Because each one of those things mentioned above helps to improve writing and expression, so when it comes time to talk about something more important than breakfast, I'll be ready.

Hello world.